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How to choose creative lighting

by LuengKevin 16 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Lighting is the most attractive flirtist in the living room. Different shapes, colors, materials and sizes can create different light and shadow effects for different living rooms, showing different living room expressions. Do you feel a little dazzled in the face of all kinds of lamps and lanterns on the market today?


In fact, when purchasing lamps, you mainly have to consider the following three aspects:


First of all, you should choose the style of lamps according to your actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you pay attention to the practicality of lamps, you should choose ceiling lamps or floor lamps with dark trims such as black and dark red. If you focus on decoration and pursue modern style, you can choose lively lighting. If you like lamps with ethnic characteristics, you can choose sculpture floor lamps.


Secondly, the color of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the decoration style of the home environment. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the furniture in the room, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances, otherwise the lighting will be inconsistent with the overall tone of the room, but it will be self-defeating. For example, if the color of indoor wallpaper is light-colored, a warm-colored incandescent lamp should be used as the light source, so that a bright and soft light environment can be created.


Finally, the size of the lamps should be configured according to the indoor area, the number of furniture and the corresponding size. For example, a small living room with a diameter of less than 12 square meters should use a ceiling lamp or wall lamp with a diameter of less than 200 mm. The number and size of the lamps should be matched to avoid overcrowding. In a living room of about 15 square meters, a ceiling lamp or a multi-fork chandelier with a diameter of about 300 mm should be used, and the maximum diameter of the lamp should not exceed 400 mm. Install spotlights or wall lamps on both sides of the murals to set off, the effect will be better.


In home life, according to different functions, lamps can be divided into architectural lamps and decorative lamps. According to reports, architectural lighting is to be combined with the building structure, such as downlights, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed ceiling lamps, etc. Although these lamps have a variety of styles, they are relatively simple in function. Therefore, before home decoration It is necessary to fully consider the actual functional effect of each lamp after decoration, and do not pay too much attention to style and ignore practicality.


The choice of decorative lamps is relatively random. At present, there are many decorative lamps and lanterns on the market, and the styles are complete. When home decoration, different families can match according to their own decoration styles. For example, many families now like crystal lamps, Japanese-style lamps, and American-style lamps. In addition, there are also some special shaped lamps to choose from. From the perspective of lighting effects, decorative lamps are mainly used for decoration, so although some lamps are very beautiful, their functions are relatively poor, and functions must be considered when choosing.


Light source: it is difficult to have both life and light efficiency


According to the light source, there are four kinds of lamps commonly used in daily life: incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps, and LED lamps (light-emitting diodes). These lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is necessary to fully understand the performance of each lamp.


Incandescent lamps:


The biggest disadvantage of incandescent lamps is that they have a short lifespan. The use time is generally between 3000-4000 hours, and some incandescent lamps with poor quality can only be used for 1500 hours. However, the color rendering of incandescent lamps is very high, which can reach 100, which means that the object can be fully displayed. The illumination of incandescent lamps is between 2700K-2800K, and the color is relatively soft. According to the characteristics, incandescent lamps in the home are often used in the dining room, bedroom and other spaces, and the color looks more comfortable.


Energy-saving lamps:


Energy-saving lamps are popular for their energy savings, a 9-watt energy-saving lamp is equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent lamp. The life of energy-saving lamps is also relatively long, generally 8000-10000 hours. The color rendering of energy-saving lamps is about 80, and some products can reach more than 85, and the color rendering is relatively high.


The illumination range of energy-saving lamps is between 2700K-6500K, so energy-saving lamps have two light colors of yellow light and white light to choose from. Most people feel that yellow light is warmer and white light is colder. Now many five-star hotels like to use energy-saving lamps with warm yellow light, and the effect is also very good.


High-quality energy-saving lamps will use real tri-color rare earth phosphors, which can maintain high brightness while ensuring long life. After a period of normal use of energy-saving lamps, the lamps will dim, mainly due to the loss of phosphors, which is technically called light decay. Some high-quality energy-saving lamps have invented the constant brightness technology, which can keep the lamp in the best working condition for a long time. After 2000 hours of use, the light decay is less than 10%.


Metal Halogen Lamp:


Metal halide lamps are actually a kind of incandescent lamps, and their lifespan is not very long, generally between 3000-4000 hours, not more than 6000 hours. The illuminance of metal halide lamps is between 2700K-3250K. This kind of lamp can be used for accent lighting. For example, in order to highlight the decorative paintings on the wall, indoor ornaments, etc., it can be illuminated with cold light cups. This white light can be changed according to different home decoration styles, which is consistent with fashion.


LED lights:


This kind of light is scientifically called light-emitting diode, which belongs to a new technology. The white LED lamps on the market now have better performance, but the current LED lamps still need to be improved in technology. First, the light efficiency is relatively low, and second, the color will be missing. In the seven bands of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, the blue and green bands of LED lights are relatively small, so when displaying the color of things, it will be There are missing, experts predict that if LED lights can solve these two problems well, it is possible to replace other lights in the future, because in theory, the life of LED lights is infinite.


Soft decoration household lamps and lanterns purchase guide:


Lights are relatively personalized electrical appliances. As long as you like them, there is basically no rule in choosing them. However, many people now choose professional designers for home decoration design. After completion, it is best to choose the type of lamps and light sources according to the requirements of the designer, so that it can be better consistent with the style of home decoration. After all, designers are professionals.


When choosing the light source of the lamp, we should pay attention to people's psychological feelings. Don't choose too much white light. Using some soft yellow light will make people feel very comfortable at home, and the color temperature should be unified.


There are many people who use light troughs in decoration now. In fact, some families will not use them for a long time after they move in. Don’t follow the trend of “following what others say”, but consider the actual needs.


In the selection of lamps, do not try to be cheap. No matter how small the lamp is, it is an electrical appliance. In addition to the performance of the lamp of poor quality, there are also hidden dangers in safety.


In order to better save energy, lamps should be distinguished by function: general lighting and accent lighting. General lighting can use general illuminance, and for art, entrance and other spaces, accent lighting should be used, so that it will be more reasonable in terms of functionality. Use the lamps of which space is used. In addition to energy saving, it can also increase the indoor space. sense of change.


Tips for purchasing creative lighting:


Color rendering: refers to the restoration characteristics of light to objects, with good color rendering, which can make the color of the object closer to the color of the noon sunlight under the light, which can best reflect the original characteristics of the object. The higher the color rendering, the better the color rendering. Things are as they are.


Illuminance: refers to the brightness of the light shining on the object. For example, the illuminance range of energy-saving lamps is between 2700K-6500K. The higher the illuminance, the brighter the light. 2700K is generally warm light, the color is yellow and softer; whitish.


Light decay: It is one of the important criteria to measure the quality of energy-saving lamps. High-quality energy-saving lamps can ensure the smallest light decay during use.


When you are choosing lamps and lanterns for children's rooms, the safety performance of the lamps themselves is the first priority. In addition, whether the lamps themselves are environmentally friendly, cute in shape and in line with children's psychology are also very important. In terms of light sources, bright lights and high color rendering are very important because children are in the developmental stage. Tri-primary fluorescent lamps are an ideal choice. It is a new generation of fluorescent lamps using tri-primary phosphors. The characteristic is that the luminous efficiency is ordinary 1.4 times that of fluorescent lamps, and the color rendering is 1.2 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. Therefore, the trichromatic light source is brighter, and the colors are displayed more realistically and naturally, which is beneficial to children's eyesight.

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