Our story begins in 2017 and with an infinite love of light. The founders have drawn inspiration from cultures around the world as they gaze at the light, and have a deep sense of how the magic of light can bring a unique flavor to a living space. May the love and comprehension inspire our story HMVPL, and hopefully pass on the goodness of light to each and every customer who participates in the journey into our world.

At HMVPL, every light is a unique story. This is not only because they are created by our highly skilled handcrafted artisans, but also because each lamp carries a fervent promise of a better life. We seek not only perfection in design and craftsmanship, but to create exciting lighting stories for your space.

Our solemn promise:

Quality Assurance: Every HMVPL light fixture undergoes stringent quality control to ensure that we provide you with durable, high-quality lighting products.

Unique Design: Our creative design team is dedicated to creating unique and stylish fixtures that infuse your space with art and personality.

Service First: HMVPL is not just a professional, but a service platform full of expectations. Our professional team will accompany you throughout the whole process, providing personalized shopping advice and after-sales support.

Two Years Quality Guarantee: All HMVPL products with quality problems within two years of purchase will be provided with a full set of repair or replacement services. This is our firm confidence in the quality of our products and reflects our responsibility to our customers.

Join the HMVPL story and create your own unique lighting legend with us. At HMVPL, we pursue not only the light of the light, but also to infuse your life with a warm and unique luster. Thank you for choosing HMVPL, and we look forward to working together to write a beautiful chapter of light and shadow.

For existing or new trade enquiring please contact:

Online Service: Chat in the lower right corne

Email: trongeeservice@gmail.com