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How to install small flush mount light

by LuengKevin 17 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Now when buying home lighting, many people will choose small flush mount lights, because they are beautiful and fashionable and save space. However, the installation of flush mount lighting is a problem that cannot be ignored. We don't know what matters need to be paid attention to and what are the details. Let's take a look at how to install small flush mount light.

1. Flush mount lights are embedded in the ceiling

Embedded downlights are generally installed on the cover panel of the ceiling. Flush mount lights should use a jigsaw to dig holes, and the lamps should be consistent with the ceiling panel. Other small lamps can be installed on the keel. When installing large-scale flush mount lights, the method of extending the supporting iron frame in the concrete slab and connecting the iron parts should be selected.


2. Before installing the ceiling opening lamps, you should understand the lamps and lanterns and the way and connection structure of the lamps to confirm the position of the embedded parts and the size of the opening. First, the cover panel is used to form a hole frame according to the size of the opening of the flush mount lights. This frame provides the connection point for the lamp. For a large ceiling lamp, an additional keel can be added to the keel part that needs to be reinforced to make a round opening or a square opening.


3. Precautions for installation of lamps embedded in the ceiling

1) The decoration company introduces open-type lamps with multiple fluorescent lamps. The lamp tubes should be placed in a regular manner, and the metal spacers or grille devices in the lamp should be placed in a regular manner, and there should be no defects such as bending, twisting, or slanting.

2) The lamp should be fixed on the specially designed frame, the power cord should not be attached to the shell of the lamp, and there should be a margin for the lamp wire.

3) The frame of the lampshade should press the cover panel or the panel seam of the concealment panel and should be in close contact with the ceiling panel. The edge of the frame of the rectangular luminaire should be parallel to the decorative line on the ceiling surface. For example, when the luminaire is symmetrically installed, its vertical and horizontal central axes should be on a straight line, and the deflection should not be greater than 5mm.


4. After the lamp installation is installed on the ceiling, make a wire according to the installation position of the lamp and confirm the position of the fixing point of the lamp bracket.

1) Lightweight luminaires can be fixed directly on the main keel.

2) After the lamp bracket is fixed, fix the lamp on the bracket with machine screws, and then connect the power cord to the lamp and the lead wire of the lamp and wrap it tightly.

Adjust each lamp socket and lamp foot, and install the light bulb or lamp tube, the power cord of the lamp should not be close to the lamp shell, and the length of the lamp connection line should leave an appropriate margin. Finally, adjust the lamp, install the lamp shade, and adjust the frame and ceiling surface of the lamp. The decorative straight lines can be parallel.

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