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Where to put floor lamp in living room?

by LuengKevin 14 Oct 2022 0 Comments

We all know that lamps are switched on and off more frequently than floor lamps, and therefore break down more frequently.

But there are many people who like to put a floor lamp in the living room because a beautiful floor lamp with a sense of design in the living room will bring a different feeling to the living room.

So how to place the floor lamp in the living room? What are the points to pay attention to when placing the floor lamp in the living room? This article will answer the question for you.

Where to put floor lamp in living room?

1. The floor lamp should not be placed next to tall furniture, but should be placed in a spare position in the rest area to meet the lighting needs. In addition, the floor lamp should not be placed in an area that hinders activities, such as next to the TV or next to the water dispenser. If you want to place the floor lamp in the bedroom, it is best to use the uplight floor lamp, because it can make the bedroom environment warmer.

2. Most floor lamps have covers, while the brackets are mostly made of metal and swivel wood. When placing them, pay attention to matching with other furniture, not protruding or recessed. It is best to place them next to relatively short furniture. , making the overall pattern appear more layered.

3. The floor lamp can not only become a good decoration with its own unique appearance but also can act as the main light in a small area to illuminate the whole room. If you want the living environment to be more artistic, it is particularly important to place the floor lamp well. It is recommended to place it as close to the sofa or desk as possible.

What are the precautions for placing floor lamps in the living room?

1. Pay attention to dust removal

The lampshade is easy to accumulate dust and affects the lighting, so it should be wiped frequently, and the dust should be gently removed with a feather duster; metal lighting can be wiped with a dry cloth, and non-metal lighting can be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried with a dry cloth. Be careful not to wipe the power cord.

2, pay attention to moisture

Electrical appliances are most afraid of moisture, which will reduce the service life. It is best to install a moisture-proof lampshade to avoid moisture intrusion, resulting in lamp corrosion or leakage short circuit.

3. Do not switch too frequently

At the moment when the lighting is turned on, the current through the filament is greater than the normal operating current. If it is switched too frequently, it will accelerate the reduction of the life of the filament.

4. Remember to disconnect the power supply when cleaning

At the same time, do not disassemble the floor lamp to change its structure, nor replace the parts of the lighting, after cleaning; after the floor lamp, install the lighting as it is, and do not miss or wrongly install the lighting components to avoid danger.

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